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Our body: it all is about changes.

A simple thought, really. I knew it from the elementary school's biology, but... I guess it was SO simple, I haven't paid attention. Then, many decades later, I was reminded: the body changes, all of it.

Now, what does it have with health? - one can ask. Yes, it changes, we are getting older and rustier, right?

Well, not necessarily.

I had to learn rehab medicine the hard way, as at some point my back was severely injured. The days it was particularly bad, I had to spend fifteen minuted to get from the bed to a sitting position.

I also learned to do injections of pain killers - to myself. Think it is easy? Try it. And now try it when your back hurts.

Anyway, it all is in the past now. I do sports, I teach martial arts... And as a side effect, I feel really irritated when people complain about their sore backs.

The body changes. If you take a weight lifter and put him in a bed for one month, he'll loose half of his muscles. 30 days - to replace half of the muscular tissue, or to loose it, if you do not exercise. Few hours to replace the surface cellt of our intestines. Seven years to replace our bone tissue - almost all of it.

So... What if something was wrong? Wrong - with that tissue that is no longer there? Will the problem go away? Yes and no. I mean, imagine that you sit at the edge of your computer chair, legs crossed, one hand on the back of a chair, one shoulder up, one down... then whatever is wrong with your back, you are reinforcing it. And it will never heal, as the mater of fact, it will get worse. But if you change your posture, if you exercise muscles that hold your back straight, if you make sure there is no need for your body to grow connecting tissue in your muscles... Then the old spikes will dissolve in due time, as the old cells are being replaced with new ones, but new cells will be different.

I am going to use the example with muscles and connecting tissue to explain, just keep in mind that it is a tiny fragment of a much larger picture. See, our body is an energy saving device. So if you sit by monitor with your shoulders UP (I see young people doing it a lot), the body goes "aha! The muscles that hold shoulders up are always contracted, and it takes energy. Let's add some connecting tissue fibers in them, those are like a rope, they can hold shoulders up without spending any energy". And it works, until one day you do a fast movement with higher than usual amplitude. The fibers of connecting tissue break, as they are not designed for extreme load. And that's when people start screaming.

"ok", the body says. "It hurts, so I better help you to keep your shoulders (hand, neck) steady". And it contracts muscles around the trauma, so that you can not move it. And contracted muscles... They hurt even worse. Also, as the muscle is IN SPASM, it does not have proper drainage of nutritions, oxyden and CO2, and it accumulates a metabolic product called lactic acid. That substance is known for producing even more spasm and pain.

This is how the positive feedback loop works, and the only way of dealing with it is through exercises. You exercise, your muscles become strong and flexible. And your internal organs are getting massage every time you move. And you breathe, which is good, too - I just do not want to get to a long explainations every time I mention something is good. I will come back to it in tutorials.

Let's just say, that by doing PROPER exercises, you give your body a vector, and as changing with time is in its nature, the changes happen in a right direction, not at random.

Keep your back Alive!

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